Styling Tips & Tricks: The Jumpsuit

Styling Tips & Tricks:
The Jumpsuit

    We all love a fun, quirky piece in our wardrobe, but let’s admit it ladies, sometimes it can be tricky figuring out just how to style it. While shopping, there are 3 things that are a MUST have for me!

1. Fit

   Shopping for clothing is unique to everyone, meaning that not every piece will fit the same according to your body. Find a piece that will compliment your favorite assets and makes you feel exceptionally beautiful. Perhaps a cinched waist, lowered neckline, or vertical detail will provide a more flattering fit and make you feel more comfortable. This leads me to my second must-have…

2. Comfort

   Comfort is key! Get to know your favorite fabrications - from stretch in your jeans, super soft cottons, to breathable airy tops. Once acquainted with the fabrics that you love, shopping will become more fun and finding the piece that makes your eyes pop will be a lot easier!

3. Versatility

   Who wants to buy a fun new piece and only wear it once? For me, a piece MUST be multi-functional and be able to be dressed up or down! Knowing that I’m able to pair the piece with more than one accessory to create multiple outfits, is a winner in my book! More bang for your buck, am I right ladies?


  Knowing the right questions to ask when shopping can make the experience go much smoother. Just recently, I discovered our newest jumpsuit and I fell in love! At first glance, I wondered how on earth I would get more than just one use out of it. Thinking about what I already had in my wardrobe allowed me to put together several easy looks. From work, to play, and even date night, here are just a couple different ways to style our fun, fabulous, quirky Jumpsuits!

The Sunday Brunch ~

  For ‘The Sunday Brunch’ look, I paired our black jumpsuit with one of my favorite silk scarves, a pair of open sided flats and a cute pink crossbody bag. This outfit is not only easy and comfortable, but it holds flexibility! Wear this to brunch with the girls, walking around town, or just out to the grocery store.

The Sophisticated Romantic ~

   Red lips, a chunky heel, cute clutch, and a layered necklace is the perfect concoction for a date night look! Not only are you still in the realm of comfort, but let’s take a moment to admire the fit- this jumper has a cinched waist line, which gives shape and definition for rockin’ your figure!

  1. Comfortable ✔️
  2. Fit ✔️
  3. Date Night Approved! ✔️

Modern Day Business Woman ~

   Back to work is it! Pairing this jumpsuit with a cute plaid trench coat, a fun lace bralette, and a work-friendly black flat mixes fun + work!

Oh, and yes… it’s still comfortable! ✔

Key Tip: Accessorising your outfit will add subtle, but excellent detail! Add a necklace, earrings, or a fun lipstick shade to brighten your look!


Festival Ready ~

   “It comes in orange too?!” was the first thought in my mind when I laid eyes on this beautiful burnt orange shade! I decided to make this look into what I like to call ‘festival ready”. Fun, bright, and vibrant reminded me of summer- festivals. I added the black lace up sandal and the black leather fanny pack for ultimate comfort. You’re sure to be show stopping in this jumper!

This jumpsuit is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. It applies to all my shopping must-haves.

   1.   Fit

  • Lowered neckline - elongates and flatters.
  • Cinched waist - accentuates the natural curve of your body.
  • Vertical texturing - lengthens and provides an impression of heighth while adding slenderness.

   2.   Versatile

  • Wear it with multiple different accessories to create new looks!

   3.   Comfort

  • This jumpsuit is so comfortable that you won’t ever want to take it off!
  • So so so movable and breathable.

   This jumpsuit pretty much speaks for itself- make a statement in every room. Dress it up, dress it down and get the most bang for your buck this spring! Get creative, get fun, and get out there and rock this jumpsuit!!

“ Fashion Is What You Buy,

Style Is What You Do With It ”


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