Three Ways to Wear: Our Favorite Striped Shirt

Why buy a trendy item that can be worn only once and then tossed for the remaining season? For me, a busy lifestyle doesn't need to compromise fun AND function. It's a lifestyle that requires efficiency in the midst of chaos and the ability to move forward--confidently.

In my daily life, this requires me to hone in on what works and what isn't--starting with my wardrobe. Before I even begin to tackle my to-do list the first thing that I need to get straightened out is what I'm going to wear. This fall, I've managed to rethink my wardrobe to pieces that are multipurpose. I've been obsessed with Infusion's latest fall arrivals. From cuffed denim to mustard pants, the fashion trends this year are centered around functionality and practicality.

At first glance, certain styles may seem bland or just sub-par, but don't be fooled. You can never really judge a lonely top on a wooden hanger. When I first came across this piece, I *almost* passed it by, until I found out...

1. It's not just a blouse, it buttons (which means it's a great layering piece).


2. It has pockets! (!)

So, I took a chance and decided to try to style it how I would wear it for three days out of one week: for work, for fun, and for fashion.

For the first outfit, the "work" look, I wanted to add a pop of color. The raspberry pencil skirt was a great look against the black + white stripes and I knew I'd be able to wear it yearlong too. I decided to accessorize it with subtle rusted gold jewelry, and because it's fall, I threw in a mustard wallet. 

Because I'm on my feet all day, the Suede Ballerina shoe was just the right amount of style and comfort for this look. 

Ballerina Shoe Slipper

For the second outfit, I wanted to throw something together that I could go to work during the day, to dinner in the evening in.

This is where layering really came through...when paired with a black t-shirt I could easily transform my look in the evening by adding more accessories AND have the option of taking off the striped top. After pairing my first outfit with a skirt, I knew I wanted to wear pants. The mustard/camel pant was an easy basic but had just the right amount of flare for the fall season. 

Mustard tapered pants with black booties and grey Lush top

Fun fact about me: I wear denim 98% of the time. So, for my casual look, I HAD to add a pair of jeans. Honestly, any pair would look great with this shirt, but personally, I loved the unfinished hem and wash on this pair

Red rager suede booties

This outfit definitely needed a pop of color and since my latest shoe obsession has been the new red rager bootie, I immediately knew it was the winner.

All in all, I love that each outfit has it's "stand-out" pieces that complement the top in each style. In my personal wardrobe, I love to have pieces I can re-wear multiple different ways, and this top serves just that purpose!


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September 13, 2018 by Hannah Villanueva

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